North Cyprus

About North Cyprus

About North Cyprus

North Cyprus - the place for you?

Imagine a place where the summers are long and winter is short and  mild. A country laced with the history of ancient civilisations, but full of modern attractions... Imagine a country with vast swathes of unspoiled countryside and empty beaches… A place where politeness and hospitality is expected, where the young love and respect their elders and there’s hardly any crime…

This is North Cyprus, a remarkable little country which is emerging from decades of political isolation to become a magnet for Europeans and Scandinavians searching for the Mediterranean “as it used to be.”

North Cyprus or to give it its full title The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is the Turkish Cypriot part of the island which has been separate from the Greek Cypriot south since 1974. EU passport holders may travel freely between the two sides.

Long before the word ‘holiday’ was invented, the island of Cyprus was a desirable destination for other people. Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Venetians, Ottomans and British have all ruled at one time and each has left their mark on the landscape, architecture, culture and cuisine of this fascinating island.

Talking about North Cyprus attractions you can stroll around the ruins of Salamis and imagine you are a Roman on the way to the market place, think of ‘Othello’ preparing to battle the Turkish fleet as you stand on the Venetian walls of Famagusta, dine under the floodlit walls of Bellapais Abbey, a World Heritage Site, and look on the gardens tended by monks 900
years ago. In Kyrenia Castle you will find the world’s oldest shipwreck, a little trading boat carrying wine and olives that sunk just outside the harbour around 300 BC.

Today the Kyrenia harbour’s old carob warehouses have become fashionable little bars and fish restaurants where you can sit, eat and most importantly, be seen! Elsewhere you may dine in style, five-star plus in international hotels and restaurants or as simply as you wish from village tavernas serving homemade dishes.

If you enjoy more active pursuits, diving, fishing, cycling, mountain walking, even paragliding, are among the many sports available in North Cyprus. There’s a world class Korineum 18-hole golf course, a leisure centre with ten-pin bowling and numerous gyms equipped with all the latest high-tech training aids. If you’ve still got any energy left you might enjoy a nightclub or an open air dance venue – or how about playing James Bond with a visit to a casino?

Many new dual carriageways have recently been opened, linking the east and west coasts and bringing the remote Karpaz Peninsula within easier reach. This truly remarkable landscape is home to wild donkeys, turtle beaches and rare bird and plant life. En route is the fantastic Karpaz Gate Marina, a multi-million pound development which is the new entry point for international sailors.

Another recent and spectacular addition to the country’s facilities is the Near East University Hospital which is fast becoming a regional leader in heart and cancer treatment. The Near East university is one of North Cyprus’s many outstanding universities which attract students from Europe, Africa and the Far East. State schools are free and lessons are in Turkish. There are a number of specialist private schools, such as the acclaimed English School of Kyrenia.

There’s nothing like experiencing for yourself the warmth, comfort and enjoyment of life in North Cyprus. If you are considering buying or renting a property or looking for investment opportunities in Cyprus, Landmark Estates will be happy to help you with a FREE inspection trip. Who knows, it could be your first step towards a new life in the sun!