North Cyprus

Electricity in Northern Cyprus

Electricity in Northern Cyprus

The electricity supply in Cyprus is 220/240 volts AC 50Hz and standard fittings, three pin, 13 amps are used the same as in the UK.  3 phase electric is available. Power cuts in North Cyprus do occur but are not a regular occurrence like in the past.


Payment for electricity used should be paid promptly and if the property is to be left unoccupied for a period of time you should make arrangements to have the account settled with either a maintenance company or by direct debit from a bank otherwise the supply could be cut.


There is a new app our where you can get your bill and pay for utilities online.  The app is called Paypoint North Cyprus and this is the link Pay bills online (


04/06/2024 - New prices for electric meters.  New accounts for both owners and renters.  




Update for June 2024 Electric tariffs.

Information taken from the LCG news page

North Cyprus News | Electricity Prices up by 13 Percent (

Electricity Prices up by 13 Percent


North Cyprus News - Kib-Tek - Electricity - Bill

The Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority (Kib-Tek) announced a 13 percent increase in electricity sales fees, effective today, Yeniduzen reported.

The announcement also mentioned that deposit amounts and fixed fees, determined by tariff types, have been updated based on the new minimum wage amount. These adjustments take effect from today, June 1.

Under the single-phase residential tariff, the fee per kWh has been raised from 3.3110 TL to 3.7414 TL for consumption between 0-250 kWh. For consumption between 251-500 kWh, the fee has increased from 6.8305 TL to 7.7185 TL. Similarly, for 501-750 kWh, the fee has risen from 7.3445 TL to 8.2993 TL, for 751-1000 kWh from 7.9610 TL to 8.9959 TL, and for 1001 kWh and above, it has gone up from 9.5023 TL to 10.7376 TL.

Under the 3-phase residential tariff, during the period between June 1 and October 31, known as the “summer period,” the price per kWh between 23:00 and 09:00, referred to as “off-peak,” has increased from 4.5027 TL to 5.088 TL. During the hours of 18:00-23:00, termed “normal,” the price per kWh has risen from 6.8305 TL to 7.7185 TL. Similarly, between 09:00 and 18:00, known as “peak hours,” the price per kWh has increased from 9.4493 TL to 10.6778 TL.




Updated 22/05/2021


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The summer tariff for electricity will start on June 1st and will continue until October 31st.
According to the new application, the cheapest hours for electricity are:
▪️23:00 - 09:00 on weekdays
▪️02:00 - 09:00 on weekends/public holidays
The cost of electricity will be highest between:
▪️09:00 - 18:00 on weekdays
▪️14:00 - 18:00 at weekends
Different fees will be applied between 18:00 - 23:00 on weekdays, which are defined as normal hours, and between 09:00 - 14:00 and 18:00 - 02:00 on weekends and public holidays.
Price per kilowatt / hour of electricity
▪️Off-peak hours: 0.6508 TL
▪️Normal hours: 0.9873 TL
▪️Peak hours: 1.2908 TL.
(Weekends and public holidays)
▪️Off-peak: 0.6308 TL
▪️Normal hours: 0.9873 TL
▪️Peak hours: 1.2708 TL

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