North Cyprus

Discovering Nikosia

Discovering Nikosia

Nicosia or otherwise known as Lefkoşa, is the vibrant capital city of Cyprus's northern region, pulsates with history and a dynamic cultural tapestry. Split by the Green Line, Lefkoşa stands as a symbol of the island's division.


Wandering through its ancient streets, one encounters a fascinating blend of the past and present. The city has witnessed several civilizations, such as Lusignans, Franks, Ottoman, noble Venetians and the 20th century British period. The modern cityscape blends effortlessly with historic landmarks, offering a glimpse into the city's evolution while retaining its distinct character.



There are many places to visit, such as:

  • The old city walls
  • Selimiye Mosque (The Cathedral of St. Sophia)
  • The great Khan (Büyük Han)
  • Büyük Hamam ( The great Turkish Bath)
  • Mevlevi Tekke Museum
  • The Cathedral of St. Catherine
  • The Lapidary Museum





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