North Cyprus

Language of Northern Cyprus

Language of Northern Cyprus

The official language of North Cyprus is Turkish.  Although the local Cypriots have their own dialect, English is also widely spoken.  If you wish to try and fit with the locals and be polite, then you can take Turkish language lessons to help you grasp the basics. There are people who will teach you either professionally with reading writing and speech or a local person that will be able to teach you how to speak without formal schooling. Landmark Estates gives you a few pointers to get you started.


Merhaba – Hello

Selâm / Merhabā  -Hi (merhabā is more common)

Iyi günler – Good day

Iyi akşamlar – Good evening

Iyi Geceler – Good night

Lütfen – Please

Teşekkür ederim / Sağol – Thank you

Görüşürüz! – See you!

Nasılsınız – How are you?

Iyiyim – I am fine

Memnum Oldum – Nice to meet you

Evet – Yes

Hayir – No

Yok – No



Sıfır        0

Bir           1

Iki            2

Üç           3

Dört        4

Beş         5

Altı          6

Yedi        7

Sekiz       8

Dokuz     9

On          10


Carrying on in all numbers

On bir     11

On iki      12

On Üç     13

On dört   14

Yermi      20

Otuz        30

Kırk         40

Elli           50

Altmış      60

Yetmiş     70

Seksen    80

Doksan    90

Yüz         100

Bin          1000