North Cyprus

Property management in North Cyprus

Property management in North Cyprus


About Us

Landmark ltd is an established International Company operating since 2005 in Northern Cyprus. As well as having many years of experience in the property and financial sector, we also possess wide knowledge about the island. In addition to our current services we are now offering property management for all types of properties.

As a company we prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our customers by providing a high quality service in property management, repairs renovations, pool and gardening maintenance. We have obtained some of the islands most skilled workers which are highly specialised within their own field, in order to maximize the quality of our service.


1. Property Management

Landmark property management offers two different packages in order for our customers to have a choice, based on their needs and budget.


Gold package £ 460 per year +VAT

Premium Package - £ 590 per year +VAT


Key holding

Key holding


Property inspections every two weeks

Property inspection each week


Payment and control of utility bills

Payment and control of utility bills


Payment of yearly property tax

Payment of yearly property tax


Control of all water systems

Control of all water systems


Control of electrical systems

Control of electrical systems


Pest control                                  

Pest control


Take care of your car (TAX, MOT and insurance )

Take care of your car (TAX, MOT and insurance )


5% discounted house insurance with Groupama (1st year)

10% discounted house insurance with Groupama (1st year)


Watering indoor plants

Watering indoor plants


Pictures after each inspection

Pictures after each inspection


Updating you on any issues regarding the property

Updating you on any issues regarding the property



Our services:

• Key Holding

• Check the property inside and out

• Payment of all utility bills

• Flush all toilets, run all taps and showers to clean any stagnant water from the pipes to eliminate any smells, leaving fresh water in the pipes.

• Pest control inspection – Inspect all the drains outside the property for rodents and/or cockroaches

• General assistance to guests if needed in case of medical or police problems, etc

• Prepare the property for owner arrival making up beds, putting out clean towels, linen etc

• Switch on air conditioning/heating, boiler, fridge and appliances, also switching on lights if night arrival.

• Regular check of all electrical appliances, air conditioning/heating and light bulbs

• Watering every 2 weeks of inside plants only

• Inspect the doors, windows and shutters.

• Inform the owner immediately of any problems at the property requiring urgent attention, acting only once we have received written instructions

• Check the property for signs of rising damp or mould. (During the winter months)

• Air the property then ensure the property is properly secured on completion of the inspection

Extra services:

  • We can supply a welcome pack for £10 + cost of shopping, just email us your personal list. We highly recommend this for late night or sunday flight arrivals
  • Supply and fit new gas bottle as required (cost of new gas bottle to owner plus collection)
  • Our cleaning and laundry service will be carried out on guest departure at an extra cost to the owners.
  • Cleaning – Builders Clean and General Cleans
  • White Good Packages and Installations
  • Air Condition Packages and installations
  • Furniture Packages
  • Satellite Systems
  • Internet Installations
  • Fly Screens
  • Baby Equipment Hire
  • Airport Transfers
  • Car Hire at competitive prices
  • 24 Hour Technical Support


2. Pool Maintenance

Our pool maintenance service includes the cleaning and maintaining of private swimming pools. This service entails vacuuming and filtrating the water, disinfecting the pool with water chlorinators, and also maintaining the pumps. Our professional staff will ensure that all pools sustain a perfect condition throughout the year, by regularly inspecting the pools and the surrounding equipment


Our pool cleaning service will include as below:

  • Vacuuming the floor of the pool
  • Brushing the sides of the pool
  • Cleaning the pool skimmer filter traps
  • Checking the pool chemicals - water Ph, salt & chlorine levels and balancing
  • Adding chlorine or Ph to maintain the quality of the water
  • Anti-algae treatment
  • Backwashing/rinsing the main filter and cleaning its filter


The pool contract consists of your swimming pool being cleaned:

  • Twice weekly from May to November
  • Weekly from December to April


Our pool service prices are as follows:

  • 4m x 8m - £65
  • 5m x 10m - £70
  • 6m x 12m - £75
  • 6m x 14m - £80


3. Garden


Gardening in Cyprus is essential to make a property look aesthetically pleasing. Landmark property management takes the necessary steps to ensure that every property is taken care of throughout the entire year. Our gardening service includes a variety of works;


  • Lawn care and mowing
  • Hedge trimming
  • Weeding and pruning
  • Planting
  • Jet washing outdoor surfaces
  • Garden clearance


**Our gardening service price will vary according to the size of your garden. For more information regarding the prices please contact us.



4. Insurance 

Because   we are in partnership with Groupama insurance which is a known insurance company in Europe,we can service you car,household and health insurance.


5. Safety and Concerns

We would like to assure you that your property will be safely taken care of and will receive our fullest attention with the best possible care. Your home is secure and in safe hands.




Contact Details:


Landmark Estates Agency. Hz. Ömer caddesi. 46A Karakum / Girne - Via Mersin-10 Turkey

Telephone no:+90-5488685600



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