North Cyprus

Public transport in and around Kyrenia

Public transport in and around Kyrenia

Public transport in North Cyprus is available in the form of mini buses known as a Dolmuş.  Prices are inexpensive at approximately 2.50tl - 5tl for a local trip. The services are limited and do not go up and through villages and to tourist places, so you are better advised to hire a car to go to many of the main attractions of Cyprus.  The bus routes are privately leased from the North Cyprus government.  You will be able to spot the Dolmuş (bus) as they are commonly white mini buses with the destination written in the window.  If you find a bus stop you can wait here, if not and you see one coming you can just flag it down they will stop for you. 

Buses are infrequent and do not run to a striked timetable.  As a guide line they run about every 20mins to 30mins between towns and villages.  More busy parts run every 10mins to 15mins and further afield around every hour.  Winter services slow down around 7pm and summer time at 8pm or end after this time.





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