North Cyprus

Turtles in North Cyprus

Turtles in North Cyprus

To watch the turtles is definitely the experienceof a lifetime!

There are two types of Turtles you will find nesting in the beaches of North Cyprus.  One is the Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta) and the Green Turtle (Cheloniamydas).

They both lay their eggs along the coast of Cyprus, main areas are Alagadi, the Golden beach and the Karpaz Peninsula.


In the Mediterranean the female will lay eggs between March and June and lay between 70 to 150 eggs, nested under warm sand. The hatching period begins in July to August.

The hatchlings will emerge at night as the darkness gives them the best protection against predators.

Turtles are protected in North Cyprus. The Society of Turtles (SPOT) was foundered in 1991, located in Alagadi a famous breeding ground. 

Here some more information if you are interested to watch the turtles or to support them:






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